Tuesday, September 14, 2010

16th September Alfred Noyes (1880 - 1958) H.A. Rey (1898 - 1977) Julia Donaldson (1948) Deborah Niland (1951) Kilmeny Niland (1951 - 2009)

Five birthdays are too many for one day. I plan to leave Alfred Noyes' birthday until the 22nd when it is Charles Keeping's birthday and Julia Donaldson's until tomorrow and the Niland twins until the 18th. That leaves H.A.Rey for today!

Hans Augusto Reyersbach (H.A.Rey) wrote and illustrated the Curious George books with his wife Margret. He was born in Germany, met his wife in Brazil, produced the children's book that gave them idea for Curious George in Paris, but fled Paris just before the outbreak of World
War II, to eventually end up living in the USA. You can read about this journey here and all about the many Curious George stories here. All children seem to enjoy the mischievous monkey's exploits.

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