Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ist October Deborah Hautzig (1956) World Vegetarian Day

Deborah Hautzig, an American author and the daughter of author Esther Hautzig (of The Endless Steppe fame), has written a large number of books. As well as novels she has written many stories which are part of the Step Into Reading series. Her most well known readers for the age group I teach belong to a series about Little Witch.

One might wonder why I would choose to highlight World Vegetarian Day, but as the mother of a daughter who is a vegetarian I feel obliged and in my time in the library I have had two vegetarian families who have asked about books. Among the aims of the day are that "it brings awareness to the ethical, environmental, health and humanitarian benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle." To be serious about promoting this aim I would feel as if I was on thin ice at school, but a book that you might read for yourself might be Ruby Roth's That's Why We Don't Eat Animals. In my library I have two fun vegetarian books that come complete with a great bendy toy...Herb the Vegetarian Dragon and Cooking With Herb. The first is a story about Herb, a fire-breathing dragon who has a vegetable garden and does not eat meat. The story by Jules Bass is hilarious and appeals whether you are vegetarian or not. The illustrations by Debbie Harter are extremely colourful with lots of orange and lime green and like all Barefoot Books an artistic feast. The second is a cookbook of vegetarian recipes.

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