Monday, October 11, 2010

13th October Robert Ingpen (1936) Christine Nostlinger (1936) Doug MacLeod (1959)

Robert Ingpen is an Australian children's book illustrator who has won most of the book awards available to him. He won the 1986 Hans Christian Anderson Award for his contribution to children's literature. He is probably best known for his illustrations for Colin Thiele's Storm Boy, but more recently he has done illustrations for classic books when they are about to celebrate a significant anniversary. Among others he has illustrated Peter Pan and Wendy; The Secret Garden; The Adventures of Tom Sawyer; Alice's Adventures in Wonderland; The Jungle Book and The Wind in the Willows. His style is immediately recognisable as his. It is painterly, serious and often sombre and appeals to older readers probably more than to very young children. Books such as Storm Boy; Conservation; Peacetimes; Voyage of the Poppykettle and Who is the World For? which highlight environmental issues and a love of nature are perfect for younger classes and good discussions.

Christine Nostlinger is a prolific Austrian children's writer, however many of her books are not easily available in English. She writes picture books and novels and is probably best known in English-speaking countries for Conrad, the Factory-Made Boy. She won the 1984 Hans Christian Anderson Award and was the first author to win the Astrid Lindgren Award. What a coincidence that two very successful children's literature enthusiasts were born on the same day and both won the Hans Christian Anderson Award!

The third birthday boy is Australian writer Doug MacLeod. He writes very humorous books and verse as well as writing for adult television. If you haven't read any of his books search out Kevin the Troll. Children love it! Also have a look at his website. It too will make you laugh.

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