Thursday, October 7, 2010

9th October Michael Dugan (1947 - 2006)

Michael Dugan was an Australian children's writer who also had many other writing 'hats'. He was a poet, an editor, wrote plays and radio scripts. He published many picture books and novels, among them a series about wombats illustrated by Jane Burrell, Don't Forget Granny (illustrated by Kevin Burgemeestre), a zany story where Little red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf decide to marry and invite various book characters to their engagement party.

Many other Australian writers attribute him for influencing their careers. Ian Trevaskis says, "It wasn’t until the late author; Michael Dugan was visiting my school in 1989 that I decided I too could write a story and get it published. Ha, ha, this was easier said than done! Up until then I hadn’t realised just how hard it is to be a REAL writer." Doug MacLeod says, " My first book was published because a writer and editor called Michael Dugan spent time with me and helped me understand which parts of my submitted manuscript were bad and which were okay."

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