Thursday, October 7, 2010

8th October Mike Thaler (1936) Bel Mooney (1946)

"The most powerful nation in the world is the imagi-nation", says American children's writer Mike Thaler. He started his career drawing cartoons for adults, but a children's book editor who had seen his cartoons suggested that he write for children and now he has produced hundreds of children's books including all the Black Lagoon titles. I want one of those Librarian from the Black Lagoon dolls. I'm sure Mrs Beamster would be a hit in my library! She would certainly make me look good.There is an interview with Thaler by Scholastic here where Thaler answers questions about the Black Lagoon picture and chapter books.

Bel Mooney is an English author who writes lots of things including novels, newspaper columns, articles, but in my library she is known as the author of two popular series of novels for younger readers. One is the series of books about Kitty, her brother Daniel and neighbour William. The other is a series of books about Bonnie, a small Maltese terrier. Both of these series had their origins in Bel Mooney's own life. She has a daughter Kitty and a son Daniel and the Kitty and Friends books are family stories. She also has a dog called Bonnie who she has used as the impetus for her Bonnie books. There are presently about fourteen books about Kitty and six about Bonnie.

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