Wednesday, October 20, 2010

22nd October Marjorie Flack (1897 - 1958)

Marjorie Flack was an author and illustrator, sometimes illustrating books written by other authors, as she did in The Country Bunnies and sometimes writing herself but having someone else do the illustrations as she did in her most popular book The Story of Ping. She did both in her series of books about her Scottish terrier, Angus, and it was while she was doing research for her book Angus and the Ducks that she became fascinated by Peking ducks and had the idea to write The Story of Ping. She asked Kurt Wiese to illustrate it because he had lived in China. This book is still popular with the children who use my library. They quickly ascertain the moral or the theme about how home with rules is still better than what freedom might offer. The discussion about smacking is always interesting too and it gives you a chance to talk about how books reflect the time in which they were printed.

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