Wednesday, October 6, 2010

7th October Susan Jeffers (1942)

Susan Jeffers is an American illustrator. She has a love of horses and illustrates snow, crystals, dew, weather particularly well. On her website she explains how she does this...

For the most part I work in pen and ink and guache, an opaque watercolor. I make thousands of little lines with a fine pen to describe the forms. Tnis looks hard, but it is actually the easiest part and is very relaxing. The most difficultpart for me is telling the story with the right relationship of composition and characters to convey the emotion of the story. This requires making many little drawings, called thumbnail sketches, until the drawing says what you want it to say, hopefully.

I find it very hard to decide which books to highlight here, to decide which are my favourites or which I have had the most memorable teaching moments with. I love Stopping By the Woods on a Snowy Evening because of the limited colour palette and the snow. I like the gentle colour and tone of The Wild Swans, the rich purple used in the carol Silent Night and I like all of the McDuff books (even though I often wonder why Rosemary Wells didn't do them herself), because one of the Year 2 classes at school at school have thoroughly enjoyed them this year while studying about their parent and grandparent's time.

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