Tuesday, October 12, 2010

15th October Barry Moser (1940) Emma Chichester Clark (1955)

Barry Moser is a much revered American artist who also illustrates children's books . I first met him through his books about his dog Rosie and granddaughter Isabelle. These three books ( My Dog Rosie; My Cats Nick and Nora and Our New Puppy) have simple text, but radiate with love for both the small girl, the dogs and cats. His more recent books, especially the three he has done for Margie Palatini's texts continue this perfection when drawing animals. I have written about Lousy Rotten Stinkin' Grapes (see 23rd June), we used The Three Silly Billies (a spoof which begins with the billy goats gruff but includes other fairytale characters) for a teacher's readers theatre performance during Book Week and Year 1 have fun with Earthquack! during their unit of inquiry that looks at under the ground.

Emma Chichester Clark is a British illustrator who also has a large list of publications, including anthologies, classics, fairytales and books for other authors, but she seems to have many titles for very young children which she has authored herself. She is responsible for three popular series, one about a small girl, Lily and her beloved Blue Kangaroo, another about Melrose, a dog and his friend Croc, a crocodile, and now a new one about Humber and Plum who are bear siblings. Her books are quickly recognizable, with bright colours and her trademark pink and blue.

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