Tuesday, October 19, 2010

19th October Ed Emberley (1931) Lisa Westberg Peters (1951)

Ed Emberley is the patriarch of a very creative family. Together with his wife Barbara, a librarian, who retold the folk tale for him to illustrate, he published award winning Drummer Hoff. By himself he has produced a large number of drawing books, that children can use to make their own illustrations, and which a group of adults have used to produce large public storyboards. Together with daughter, Rebecca he has produced many lovely, brightly coloured, very distinctive picture books, many of which are about monsters. His other child Michael Emberley is a well-known illustrator, his granddaughter Adrian has published books with him and her mother and he is the father-in-law of author/ illustrator Marie -Louise Fitzpatrick. What a family! The Red Hen, his newest collaboration with daughter, Rebecca ids just about to be released. Of course it is a twist on that favourite, The Little Red Hen.

Lisa Westberg Peters is an American author who has a strong interest in science and her best books reflect this. Two books that are in the library that Year 1 make good use of during their unit of enquiry that looks at what is under the ground are Earthshake; Poems From the Ground Up and Volcano Wakes Up!

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